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Our professional landscaping crews at Drocon will work with you to bring your designs to life. Interlock paving is an amazing landscaping option for your home in Northumberland County. If you’re living in our area, Drocon’s professional landscaping crews are ready to help!

Long Lasting Curb Appeal

Enhance Your

Interlocking pavers come in countless styles that can significantly improve your home’e exterior appearance. The weather in central Ontario can be rather extreme and most landscaping material expands and cracks due to the temperature changes. Interlocking pavers are a more durable landscaping material and reacts well to all types of weather conditions.
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Customizable to Any Design

Versatile Uses for Interlock Pavers

The method of interlock work is very versatile in design. You can apply this method to many outdoor or indoor projects. Among its many uses, interlock design is used in landscaping for driveways, garden borders, fireplaces, pool decks, patios and more! Our experience professional landscaping crews will be able to help you with any outdoor project involving interlock.
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Easy Maintenance & Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of Interlock

Interlock driveways are becoming more common and for a good reason. Due to the installation process and design, they are easily maintained and more environmentally friendly. Since the interlock method uses individual stones or pavers, they are easily removed and replaced if they become damaged. Interlock driveways also prevent water from pooling. They allow water to drain through, creating a more natural draining process for your land.
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